Jaime Zerbe

Jaime Zerbe currently serves as SAM’s Chief of Staff where she focuses on internal and external communications. Substance use, specifically regarding the opioid epidemic, is a personal issue for Jaime: her late father spent the last almost decade of his life (reluctantly) on opioids. Despite taking it exactly as prescribed, he was one of the countless Americans who unknowingly became dependent on oxycontin after being promised a long-term “addiction-free” pain solution.

Jaime’s time in DC began like so many others: answering the phone in her congressman’s office. After some time on the Hill, Jaime served as the Legislative Director at a national nonprofit and advised on drug policy as well as communications strategy. In 2020, Jaime started a successful aviation-focused digital marketing and branding company that she named after her late father. Jaime has a heart for mentoring and encouraging young women who are at their career crossroads. Jaime and her husband live in Virginia with their black Labrador.