Blueprint for Effective Drug Policy

The Foundation’s seminal work is the creation of the Blueprint for Effective Drug Policy to guide our education and advocacy efforts. This will be a foundational guide for our work, providing a strategy document for lawmakers and their staff, policymakers, and programs with strategies and best practices.

Currently, the Blueprint’s committees are set up with 5-10 subject matter experts, on the following issues: Prevention, Intervention and Treatment, Recovery Support, Criminal Justice, International Cooperation, and Equity/Social Determinants of Health.

These committees meet regularly to map the landscape, prioritize content, and provide recommendations for the Blueprint.

The Blueprint is:

  • Assembling a team of experts with rich backgrounds in research and public policy, as well as those who have lived experience
  • Grounded in pillars that recognize the importance of a comprehensive approach to drug policy
  • Following a rigorous process that will map the drug policy landscape and devise solutions
  • Appealing to an audience of legislators, policymakers, practitioners, communities, and stakeholders, in addition to concerned members of the general public
  • Aiming to be published in Fall 2024
  • Blueprint members include: Ben Tucker, Karen Tandy, Michele Leonhardt, Howard Koh, Jon Caulkins, Keith Humphreys, Rep. Lauren Davis, Joel Johnson, Mike Marshall, Teresa Haley, Mack Jenkins, Sion Harris, Jan Brown and more!

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