The Challenge

  • One key to reducing demand is also reducing supply – a strategy that entails curbing the availability of illicit substances and cutting off illegal proceeds. Violent criminal enterprises profit from increased drug demand.
  • Fentanyl isn’t the only drug to worry about – There has been a huge cultivation increase for drugs like cocaine in Central America.
  • The US State Department reported, “Mexican criminal organizations have a significant global presence, including in Europe, Asia, and Africa, and most of the heroin, methamphetamine, and fentanyl and its analogues consumed in the United States originates in Mexico. Mexico is also a major transit country for cocaine from South America to the United States and a destination for fentanyl precursors originating mainly from the People’s Republic of China (PRC).”
4xincrease in the past 4 years of web-based sales eluding authorities.

What We Need

Greater International Cooperation

The US must re-establish itself as a leader in finding global consensus to greatly diminish the drug trade.

An Internet Strategy for Drug Sales

Working with tech companies, we can stamp out most illegal web sales in the United States. But no one has leaned in on them to do that.

Improve Real Time Data Monitoring

Our data systems to track shipping, cargo, and packages are sorely outdated. We need to reform them, and add mechanisms for accountability.