Governor Kotek, Legislators Should be Praised Fixing the Public Policy Nightmare

(SALEM, OR) – Foundation for Drug Policy Solutions (FDPS) President Kevin A. Sabet, Ph.D., a former drug policy advisor to President Obama, released the following statement after Oregon Governor Tina Kotek signed bipartisan legislation to repeal the state’s controversial Measure 110, which decriminalized all drugs and eliminated incentives to seek drug treatment. The Foundation for Drug Policy Solutions has been working with residents, community leaders and those into raise awareness across the state against efforts to create an environment that encourages more drug use and addiction, even of the most dangerous substances:

“Today is a monumental day for everyone who cares about sound, science-based drug policy, and a resounding repudiation of Drug Policy Alliance and the addiction-for-profit industry’s push to legalize all drugs. Measure 110 has been an unmitigated disaster that has claimed countless lives in just three short years. Far from achieving a reduction in overdose deaths, as hoped, evidence suggests Measure 110 has made the overdose crisis worse. Drug Policy Alliance’s overzealous, predatory ‘anything goes’ drug policy has made Oregon the worst in the nation for addiction and among the last in the nation for treatment. Oregon is also outpacing neighboring states in fatal and nonfatal overdoses. 

“Governor Tina Kotek and members of the Legislature deserve our praise for taking a stand against the fantasy world narrative Drug Policy Alliance and the drug industry spun to pass this dangerous policy. It takes courage to admit a mistake and the state’s political leaders have wisely acted in a bipartisan fashion to repeal this deadly policy. 

“Too many people have died and too many lives have been destroyed by Measure 110. This is not a call to criminalize addiction. Now is the time to work to realign the state’s drug policy toward protecting public health, safety, and treatment for those suffering from addiction. Measure 110 promised to meet people where they are, but it left them there. We now have a chance to take them to a better place. We shouldn’t squander it. Now the real work of following through with hopeful, effective policies begins.”