“Oregon turned into the Wild West”: Decriminalizing drugs was an epic failure

The first state to remove penalties for possession is about to become the first to re-criminalize them. Experts say we should learn from Oregon’s mistakes.

“No one wants to see people with addictions in jail or prison because they’re addicted to something,” argued Foundation for Drug Policy Solutions President Dr. Kevin Sabet in a recent interview with KOBI-TV. “Unfortunately, Measure 110 had the exact opposite effect.” He claims people were misled.

Whether they were deceived or not, most voters in Oregon agree it was a mistake: 56% supported repealing the law late last year, a survey from Emerson College Polling revealed.

Half said Measure 110 had made communities more unsafe, while only 20% said they felt safer. Sixty-four percent preferred to remove the decriminalization portions rather than leave the law as it was.

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