Are we ready for a psychedelic revolution? | Shayla Love, Kevin Sabet, Matthew Johnson

For decades, psychedelics were derided as dangerous recreational drugs; now many claim they have the potential to revolutionise the treatment of mental health. With hundreds of clinical trials now taking place, the psychedelic therapeutic market is predicted to be over ten billion within the decade. It has been widely thought that psychedelics are effective at treating mental health because of the way they change brain chemistry. But studies from King’s College London and Johns Hopkins suggest this is an error, arguing that it’s the psychedelic experience that aids mental wellbeing, not the physical brain changes.

Should we stop focussing on brain chemistry as the solution to mental health? What is it about psychedelic experience that can aid mental well being and will psychedelics live up to their promise and usher in a mental health renaissance? Or, is the hype bubble about to burst and should we look elsewhere for the silver bullet to the mental health crisis of our age?

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