Promoting Drug Policy Solutions for Big Change

A Culture of Prevention
A Climate of Recovery

We envision a world in which children and families thrive, substance use is prevented, and there is rapid access to quality treatment. We will convene powerful voices in drug policy from across the spectrum from both public health and public safety—to amplify our collective work.

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The Foundation for Drug Policy Solutions is leading the effort

From prevention and recovery to smart law enforcement and better international cooperation, we are working to change the face of drug policy. Too many people are losing their lives to addiction. It is time for big change.

FDPS™ Blueprint for Effective Drug Policy

The Foundation is undergoing an extensive process informed by subject matter experts, including people directly affected by addiction to create a Blueprint for Effective Drug Policy—effectively a strategy to guide our education and advocacy efforts. To learn more about this and to be a part of the process, go here.

Taking on the tough issues
to end suffering and promote hope now.

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Our partners consist of both individuals and organizations who promote big ideas and help us in this ongoing work toward promoting effective drug policies.

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We should meet people where they are at, but never leave them where they are at.

Congressman Patrick J. KennedyCo-Founder, Foundation for Drug Policy Solutions